1996 Acta Veterinaria Baltica nr: 0

The Seroepidemilogical Survey On The Spread Of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) In Estonian Cattle Herds - A. Viltrop, J. Alaots, T. Laht, L. Ronsholt

Bovine Leucosis In Lithuania - J. Glamba, D. Apanaviciene
Immunogenetic Aspects Of Resistance And Immunity - Ü. Pavel, A. Viltrop

Investigation Of Contagious Diseases In The Tartu Veterinary School And Tartu Veterinary Institute - E. Ernits

On The Mechanism Of Alimentary Acid-Base Balance Disorders In Cows - K. Kadarik

About Causes Of Pre- And Early Postnatal Mortality In Calves And Pathological Changes Found In Them - N. Koslov, E. Lepp, V. Lokk, J. Song

Ultrasound Guided Puncture Of Follicles In Heifers - J. Kurykin, H. Gustafsson, B. Larsson, H. Rodrigues-Martinez

Evaluation Of The Corpus Luteum Activity In Synchronized Recioients On The Day Of Embryo Transfer - J. Kurykin

Helminths Of The Most Important Game In Estonia - T. Järvis

Ultrasonic Measurement Of Animal Eye Dimensions - M. Paunksniene, A. Paunksnis, V. Babrauskiene, A. Lukosevicius

Isolation Of Canine Parvovirus In Cell Culture And Investigation Of Its Properties During Experimental Infection - A. Stankevicius, L. V. Belianko

An Effect Ferolit On The Organism Of Animals - J. ?ymantiene, B. Girnius, Z. Beresnevicius, B. Sapijanskaite, K. Kraujelis, A. Ulinskaite

Research Of New Veterinary Preparations For Prophylaxis And Treatment Of Mastitis In Cows - V. ?pakauskas